Code Mobile Manager

Ladies Learning Code

Want to spend the Summer travelling throughout Southwestern Ontario teaching kids to code? Join the Code:squad! Last Summer, The Code Mobile set out on its maiden voyage across Canada, teaching thousands of Canadian youth how to code! This digital literacy odyssey was remarkably successful, and we’re eager to get back out on the road for another summer of learning! This year, we’re sticking a little closer to home -- Southwestern Ontario, to be exact -- and we’re looking for an eager and confident Code Mobile Manager to oversee this important outreach program.

About The Code Mobile

The Code Mobile is a computer lab on wheels that has travelled coast-to-coast teaching youth how to code using beginner-friendly programs like Scratch. Equipped with laptops, Makey Makeys, little bits, Google Cardboard, and tons of other tech education tools, the Code Mobile bring hands-on, interactive technology education to Canadian youth. We believe that computer programming and other technical skills are a tool of empowerment, and it is our mission at Ladies Learning Code to ensure that all Canadians -- particularly women and youth -- have access to these learning opportunities.

And now we're looking for an amazing Code Mobile Manager to join the Code:squad! (2 month contract - July and August - with the potential of contract renewal in September)

Key Tasks & Responsibilities

As the Code Mobile Manager, you will be the ‘head honcho’ when it comes to all things Code Mobile. Your responsibilities will include both the planning and the delivery of workshops.

  • You will be responsible for coordinating and scheduling visits, mapping out where the truck will be and when it will be there
  • You will be the main point of contact for each event partner and responsible for ensuring that the team knows where they need to go, what the needs of the event are so that execution is flawless.
  • You will teach the workshops, using curriculum that has been developed and tested by the Ladies Learning Code curriculum team
  • Coordinate pop-ups at events such as street festivals, tech faires, parking lot promotional events and more!
  • You will be the main media contact for this program. You need to be comfortable coordinating local media coverage and participating in interviews.
  • Execute and manage follow-ups, feedback surveys and analysis for all events.
  • Manage parent communication for all events as needed
  • Promote events and activity through Twitter and Instagram.
  • Capture the events and the trip activities in photographs and videos.
  • Manage volunteer recruitment, as needed. ( Collaborate with Chapters to ensure that Code:mobile is leveraging our broader team.
  • Inventory and supply management
  • Oversee all necessary servicing of the vehicle (oil changes, etc.)

Work Environment

Most Code Mobile visits take place during normal working hours on weekdays, but occasional early morning and evening travel will be required, as well as occasional participation in weekend events (festivals, etc.). The majority of trips (approx. 90%) will be daytrips to locations either in Toronto or the GTA, occasional overnight trips (approx. 10%) might be required.

While you will be a member of Ladies Learning Code’s youth programs team, many of your Code Mobile trips will be done solo. As a result, we are looking for someone who is confident, independent, and self-motivated.

Qualifications, Skills, and Competencies

  • You are a recent graduate of a New Media or Education program or something else that you feel has prepared you for this role.
  • You have a G class license
  • You enjoy interacting with kids and are passionate about inspiring and teaching them
  • You have strong communication skills
  • You are passionate about learning environments
  • You are a flexible team player and confident in asking the right questions and being engaged to find positive solutions
  • You are incredibly self-directed and need little supervision or direction
  • You are comfortable problem solving and finding the answers to your questions resourcefully
  • You are known for your ability to plan, organize, and multitask with minimal supervision
  • You love to use online tools and technology to help you be effective and efficient
  • You consider yourself tech-savvy. You know your way around Google Tools such as Drive, Calendar and Hangouts.
  • You have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and Web Design.
  • You can step in to make decisions and take ownership over a project with little background information
  • You can manage multiple projects, people and deadlines.
  • You have a 'no job is too big or too small' mentality
  • You are comfortable working independently
  • You are reliable, honest, and trustworthy and have strong integrity
  • You take initiative and are excited to come up with creative ideas as part of your job every day
  • You have first aid training and child and infant CPR (if you don’t have it already, it will be required that you get it prior to your start date).

Why join the Code:squad?

  • Help kids learn beginner-friendly technical skills in a social and collaborative way
  • Build your network of technical and tech-savvy people in Canada
  • Gain experience in running tech education events
  • Gain experience in business operations
  • Gain experience in recruitment and retention of volunteers
  • Gain leadership experience
  • Develop organizational and time-management skills
  • And more!

How to apply:

Please send an email to with the subject line "Code Mobile Manager Application" and the following information:

  • Your resumé, or a link to your LinkedIn profile
  • A brief letter of introduction outlining the previous position or positions that you feel best prepared you for this role
  • What excites you most about this opportunity