Support Engineer

ReCollect Systems Inc

We'd like you to join our development team and help us build delightful civic technologies for hundreds of cities across North America.

As a Support Engineer, you'll help launch and support customers using our web platform, including our ReCollect web widgets, mobile apps and admin tools. You'll use some of the latest technologies, you'll interact with people and data from cities all over the world, and you'll get your hands dirty as we evolve existing tools and build new ones.

You'll have great peers to work with - folks who will understand the challenges we face and will help you grow and get where we need to be. Our development team is geographically distributed, and has many, many years of telecommute experience and working on highly productive teams.

This listing is for a full-time position, based anywhere in Canada. This posting closes at midnight on Sunday, December 10th, 2017.

What We Are Looking For

The right person for this job will have a couple years experience working with technology products - perhaps you've done Support work in the past but are looking to get into more technical work. You're comfortable on the command line and have some experience with Javascript and how web apps are built.

You'll need to be or become a polyglot - someone comfortable in several languages - who won't be scared off by the need to explore different code bases to fix bugs and learn how things work.

Ideally, you'll have experience working on an entirely distributed team. You'll understand how to keep yourself productive, happy and healthy while working from your home office or co-working space. When we get together a couple times a year for all-hands face-to-face, we hope you'll value the time with your awesome peers!

You'll have a lot to share and teach, and also a desire to learn and grow. We are all about learning and getting smarter as we build ReCollect! By the end of your (hopefully long) career at ReCollect, you will be happy, healthy and have lots of new lessons and learnings to share. A successful candidate in this role has growth opportunities into a developer position on our product roadmap team.

You must be prepared for hard work with our small team, as we continue to explore new markets and customer segments. You will need to be comfortable with ambiguity and making decisions to keep our future options as open as possible. You should also be prepared to occasionally carry the weight for others and take on tasks outside of your typical responsibilities when needed.

You will be:

  • supporting our Customer Success team when tricky issues arise
  • configuring, importing and maintaining data updates from our customers
  • setting up special configurations of our tools to help residents in new ways
  • fixing bugs within your capabilities and making internal tools
  • helping us think about how to do all of this more efficiently!

We will support you with:

  • A stable and friendly development process and team. (blame-free retrospectives, little-a agile, kanban, flexible hours)
  • A clear vision of where we want and need to get to. (Stable strategic priorities, no giant swings in the idea du jour)
  • A delightful coding environment and set of tools.
  • Documentation on how existing systems work. (Wikis, code comments and automated tests. Not perfect but always improving)
  • A stable test automation system. (Unit & integration testing, lots of Selenium experience on the team)
  • Excellent communication & dev tools. (Slack, Github, Pivotal Tracker,, tmux, Jenkins CI, ...)
  • Peers with many years of varied development experience.
  • Career growth and opportunity to move into new roles

Ideally you will have experience with these technologies:

  • Javascript - perhaps Vue.js or other frameworks
  • jQuery / Bootstrap
  • Some dynamic languages (Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP, Bash)
  • GIS tools and formats

And will have:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Some command line skills
  • Ability to self-prioritize your work
  • A second language (ideally French!)

Our customers are mostly local government organizations, and you'll get to interact with them and help provide the legendary customer service that we have become known for.

Most importantly, we want you to be bright and fun. We also want you to care about a greener planet, happy citizens, and more efficient governments.

If this sounds like a good fit for your skills, and you are up for a challenge in the civic technology space... please get in touch and tell us why you are uniquely qualified to join our team.

How to apply:

Visit our job posting at and submit an application!